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Attention: We do have a lot of Test & Measuring Equipment on stock!!! Anfrage
Signo phone pulse / tone dialing, redial function, earth/flash,
colors: red, blue, grey.
5, 90 €
Antique telephone made in switzerland between1929 und 1955
pulse dialer, refurbished
color: black
Fee counter units and amount 16 KHZ, with lock, incl. TAE, 6N-AS cable POA
          Alcatel Power Supply 48V -30A POA
          Octophone 26, warm grey, new POA

Octophone 26, black, tested and cleaned POA
Phone Modula turqouise
20 memory keys, hand free speaking, lock, fee counter, two line display
15,00 €
Audioline Großtastentelefon POA

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Payment: Prepayment with 2% discount.

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No warranty for phones uncleaned and untested.
For phones tested and cleaned we grant 6 months warranty.
For phones refurbished we grant 6 months warranty.
For new phones we grant 2 years warranty.

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